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More of Wendy’s Gorgeous Garden

15 Nov

I had a wee bit of trouble editing all the photos of Wendy’s garden down to a small batch.  Impossible! I have saved the best for last.  If you are longing for the middle of summer again already these should cheer you up significantly!

I love the surprising plant combinations, vignettes made with more of Steve’s wonderful birdhouses, and how even a tiny corner at the fence has been made into a potting spot.
pink hydrangea

wild west bird house style


(Click on any photo to view as a slideshow)


mirrored barn window on fence

And finally my last favourite shot of her garden.  Don’t you just love the view into the mirror?  It goes on for miles!

Have a Sunshiny Day!

-Wendy’s Gorgeous Garden Part 1

From Plastic Toy to Colourful Planter

15 Aug

We had a plastic wheelbarrow kicking around the yard from when the kids were smaller and in their super helpful stage.  A stage that went by too fast I tell you!  I seem to have lost the rest of the photos I took along the way of this simple project but you guys are smart enough to not even need instructions! I know it!

Anyways just so I have something to say, all I did was take the biggest drill bit I could find and drill about 4 or 5 holes in the bottom of the plastic wheel barrow.  I sprayed the entire thing with an outdoor spray paint that was good for plastic and metal since the handles and wheel are metal but the rest is plastic. I then lined the wheelbarrow with landscaping fabric so that all the dirt didn’t drip out the holes I just drilled.  Then I filled it with premixed potting soil and assorted petunias.kids plastic wheelbarrow

And then… I set it in a spot of the garden that needed a little boost of colour! 

wheelbarrow planter- kid size

What is the most interesting use for a planter off the top of your head… GO!

More Planters

Antique Ice Box Planter

14 Aug

More blooms and colour sprouting from an old ice box (or wash bin? I am not 100% sure what it was used for).

There is a plastic self-watering pot shoved inside of it.  I used self watering pots everywhere I could this year and the flowers haven’t completely dried out on me for once. How unusual!

My herbs in particular have done amazingly well!  The self watering pots can be found affordably at Wal-Mart.

antique ice box planter

This planter is in a garden beside the driveway and full of

Lime Coleus

Merlot Geranium

Lemon Calibrachoa

Pastel Mix Impatiens

Vinca Vine

The Flume Coleus

More Planters

Old and Sassy Antique Planter

13 Aug

There is something great about getting old!

One day I might be a planter myself. I can see it now. Me in a rocking chair holding a pot of flowers for the entire summer.  I wouldn’t mind it!

antique scale as planters

This old scale is on my front porch (a lovely present). The pastel mix Impatiens, burgundy Coleus and purple Pansies are in a ceramic pot that my mother made many years ago.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.33.16 AM

It’s a double sided treat!


The pansies were a nice surprise. I didn’t think they were going to live and I have never grown them before.

pansies,impatients and coleusIn June it was cute and tiny as so.

A week of planters coming up. It is taking me forever to get through all the photos I have taken this summer!

More Planters

My friends you are welcome to leave a link to your post on your containers this year in the comments.

DIY: Dish Totems for the Garden

25 Oct IMG_6262

Dish Totems are a fun way to use pretty dishes that you spot at the second hand shop or a dusty back corner of your china cabinet.  They add a bit of sparkle to the garden. It’s bling for your flowers!

To create them it is as simple as glueing them together with caulking that dries clear. Any brand will do, you might have a favourite already, but something that is suitable for the EXTERIOR as it will say right on the bottle.  Cheaping out on this step will sabotage your whole project.  Use a large nail to plug the end of the caulking gun between uses to save it from drying out.

  • Start with a heavy plate, something like a microwave dish or dinner plate and add to this.  The bottom plate adds stability and can be covered with dirt in the garden to virtually disappear.
  • Once you have played around with how you would like to stack your dishes lay them out in a line so when you come back to it over the next few days you know which dish is the next in order.
  • When placing your dishes think about how they fit together. Sometimes a cup will fit perfectly on a vase naturally so the caulking glue doesn’t have to do all the work for holding it in place.  Think about where water will collect, turn dishes upside down so water runs away easily keeping the caulking clean and dry.
  • Wash and dry all dishes before you use them.
  • Work on a flat and level surface. If your totem wants to lean to one side use masking tape or packing tape to hold things in place while they cure. This takes at least a week.  Working in sections ensures that the dishes dry in the position you expected them too.
  • Don’t keep these out over the winter.
  • Following these steps you should have * garden bling* to enjoy for many years to come.

Things to look for:

  • light fixture globes
  • brass candle sticks
  • tea cups and plates
  • custard dishes, candle containers & recyclable items

More Dish Totems:Yesterdays Post Dish Totems for the Garden

Dish Totems for the Garden

24 Oct IMG_6262

A big part of the mess in the shed was due to the fact that I had been collecting dishes to make totems since 2008.  I know it was 2008 because I had a page marked in a magazine from October of 2008 with the idea to make these.  Man how time flies (when you are making a mess!).

Part of the clean up process was that I officially had to make a few of these totems and then purge the left overs and so finally it has been done.  I know, it’s totally unbelievable! YAY!

They are really simple to make and make great use of old dishes with chips or cracks that you know you should throw away but don’t want to. I mean if you need yet another reason to hang on to your crap this is it. ha!

Some more totems and info on the how-to tomorrow.  I MUST get outside! Have a wonderful day!

Fence Obsessed

17 Jul

Yeah, I am still thinking about Fences. One track mind!

So many fantastic ideas!

old bicycle new garden gate

Old Bicycle into a new gate!

{source}upside down trellis--Yes!

Upside down as a trellis!

{source}Twig Fence

Twig Garden Fence

{source}rustic upcycled fence for the garden

Rustic Upcycled Fence – I LOVE THIS!!


garden gate from junk

Great use for all those old tools! I LOVE THIS JUST AS MUCH!


Garden Art Pretties

13 Jul

So many wonderful ideas for re-using junk from around the back shed, basement, garage or other massive space to which you hoard things!  

Make your yard an inspirational space.  

Bird baths and bird feeders made from old lamp bases and ceiling fixtures


penny ball

What a conversation piece! Pennies will soon be extinct. Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue!


flowers from silverware

Flowers made from old silverware.


Large Mushroom Sculpture


Mini Concrete Fungi


Metal Garden Flowers-Is that a clothes line reel? Brilliant!



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