Colourful & Rustic Containers

When I was working on putting some containers together at the end of May, I was scratching my head wondering what had even overtaken me to go about spending so much doing them- I’ve got better things to do damn it- oh wait, I am supposed to be enjoying this…BUT wait!.. everyone else is having beer in the hammock!! 

My fault I guess because it is so easy to get excited in the nursery putting different combinations of annuals together, it’s pretty darn fun.  

Feeble Beginningsgalvanized containers for plantsThis is what things looked like to start… Annuals were small of course and some were nothing but seeds.  The set up has potential but already I was bored with looking at it.  The old washtub bench has served many purposes over the years and most of the containers are old metal buckets, feeders or new galvanized pots from the dollar store that I drilled holes into the bottom of for drainage.

 Last Year:

metal pots for planters

Many of the same containers: I completely forgot that this is what I had in them!

This years reincarnation:Container garden metal potsI desperately needed more colour in my life- Colour that I can’t have in the house but can use with RECKLESS ABANDON outside. (Who doesn’t? right?)  The bench was painted plum purple, a single bucket was sprayed Brilliant Yellow, and another smaller one watermelon pink.   It’s all been enough to make me smile all summer long.

What’s in here: Annuals ListFrizzle Sizzle Mix Pansy, pineapple Beauty Coleus, Lemon Licorice Plant, Orange Disco Marigold, Summer Jewel Red Salvia, Wonderland Coppy Alyssum, Maverick Pink Geranium, Fishnet Stockings Coleus, Scarlet Sage Summer Jewel Pink Salvia, Purple Aztec Verbena & assorted Nastrums.

What colour do you need more of in your life?

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Love your color and your containers. I’ll take any color that is not white, snow white that is.🙂

    1. It sounds like last winter has scared you for life! It’s all still pretty fresh in my mind too.

  2. lizard100 says:

    I like the colour a lot. I’ve just been painting doors in my back yard. The colour isn’t new but they needed freshening up. The garage, shed and garden doors look much better now.

    1. Can’t wait to see the changes if your sharing! I forgot what a fresh coat of paint can do to anything! Now i am looking around for other things to paint.

      1. lizard100 says:

        I blogged it here. I always get a painting habit. I did the front door next.

  3. The colour definitely adds a certain zing!!

    I’m feeling pretty good about my own garden now I’ve started growing flowers. It used to be green apart fron the flowers on the tomatoes lol.

    1. The colour makes your efforts seem more worthwhile i think! Glad you are finding Happiness with your blooms. It’s obvious that you have been working hard.

      1. Not sure I’ve worked that hard but I agree the colour makes it all worthwhile🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    That is such a good idea! I looked in vain for colourful containers this spring that had a hole in the bottom – now you have inspired me for next year. Thank you! I love pink and yellow together and my pink asters will be flowering soon so that should give me my fix!😉

    1. Oh good Cathy! You REALLY honestly can put a hole in anything with a drill bit, metal, glass, ceramic, clay, plastic. The whole world is your container. 🙂 I don’t have any asters and when i see them in bloom i wonder why?? LOL

      1. Cathy says:

        Oh, you must seek some out for next year – I love mine!🙂

  5. Chloris says:

    How lovely, it all has a Mediterranean look. I never thought of painting my containers but what a good idea. You have a bright sunny corner no matter what the weather.

    1. yes it does have a mediterranean look… so i can vacation on the cheap!🙂 Have a great day Chloris.

  6. What fun to paint that bench and the pots in bright colors. They really made the arrangement pop. We’re staying away from pots this year due to the drought. I miss it. I planted a few with succulents since they only need water about once a month, but I do love annual ‘colour.’ Enjoy!

    1. I stopped with the hanging baskets because of them drying out so fast and being a pain. I find watering these to be less of a hassle– and we have had the opposite problem from you all for now. I hope your drought ends soon!! Succulents are amazing though, especially as they mature and get BIG!

      1. I’ve stopped hanging pots (other than succulents) for the same reason. They look beautiful but they are a lot of work.

  7. Boomdeeadda says:

    Look what I found in my email Page 4…ha! GADS, so many I want to read but to find the time is another adventure.

    Anywho, fun to see the transformations over a few summers. I’ve ogled one of those wash benches myself at the Antique Mall. I was thinking it’d cool at the end of the bed. I love that you had the hutzpah to paint it. The colourful vignette is a real eye catcher. Although I also like all the crumbly paint and rusty casters on the bench before the paint.
    I have a couple of pots still blooming but have emptied most because they were so leggy looking. I’m sure you get a longer season than we do though.

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