Pride and Joy of the Moment

I have been really fussing with and enjoying the development of this backyard perennial border.  I will have to find the year by year photos to share with you.  I think because I pass this garden by all the time, and it is the most colourful right now, it is getting the most attention.  The front yard is definitely more neglected- I usually catch up on all the weeding the week before it snows. Doesn’t everyone?🙂

back yard

This garden is along the back side of the garage and faces North West. 

hostas, coral bells, impatients, oak leaf hydrangea, astible

I keep moving plants around and have waited a long time for things to fill in (about 7 years).  The oak leaf hydrangea in the back ground took a beating this winter and is currently half of its normal size. 

dwarf blue spruce

Mr. Frog guards the dwarf Blue Spruce and Lungwort (my spring flowering favourite!).

perennial bed along garage

Last years yellow wheelbarrow is full of colourful impatiens this year.

perennial bed along garage

Is there a corner of your yard that gets the most attention?

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  1. Beautiful and colourful! We couldnt get any impatiens this year. But normally they do well.

    1. I think the impatiens are starting to get some sort of bug now… but they are still blooming and look well enough. They always sell them around the corner from here if you want them next year.🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Your hard work has sure paid off. I’ve been working a lot in my shade garden this past week moving things around. 🙂

    1. Very nice! Shade gardens have their own challenges I imagine, but a great spot to work mid summer for sure! Can’t wait to see the changes.

  3. Beautiful! I love Mr. Frog and the blue spruce.

    1. Thank you! That blue spruce is growing pretty slowly but i am afraid of how big it might get some day.

  4. Cathy says:

    It looks lovely and colourful Diane. I can understand why you’re pleased with it. Well done!

    1. Thanks Cathy… I wish that it stayed looking just so all summer long!! That’s what they need to invent. More flowers that bloom for 6 months straight, there are not enough!

  5. Lovely flowers – no wonder you give this part of the garden more attention.

    Weeding is not so much fun, is it? I’ve finally got round to digging out some big dandelions in the pouring rain.

    1. I always wait until after it rains too for those big mean dandelions! And the snails are all out then too- I try to get them before they can get away from me.🙂

      1. Sounds a good plan!

  6. Boomdeeadda says:

    Totally magazine worthy Sunshine! You have got it proportioned so well. Just a brilliant vista. It looks like a survey was done for the perfect heights and size of all the companion plants. I have never seen Astilbe that colour of pink. Ka-POW ! What is that spray of pink see thru plant? Looks like a pretty lacy veil in front of the Hosta. BTW that is gigantic! I have a little one in the yard. I don’t know it’s age but also had some at the lake for years, none of them were anywhere’s that big. It’s only 7 years old? Thats banana’s😀

    I also really like the nested dwarf blue spruce. Will they stay compact then? How the heck you have time to maintain this and a garden and kids and a house…….you’re Super-wife! I better pick up my britches, LOL

    1. wow, thanks BOOM, The spray of pink is corel bells. It is a big hosta and it should get much bigger actually! that might be scary. The blue spruce will stay compact but after 15 years or more it might get pretty big. I hope it has enough room to grow– I think it does. Would be good for you in the city. Looks nice in the winter for sure. I wish I was a super wife. I am just waiting for my million dollar pay check to come in. LOL.🙂

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