Easy Compost Tea

Compost Tea is new to me.  It’s like liquid gold for your garden and it’s really easy to make!compost tea supplies

I am following along on http://www.SmartGardener.com for the weekly tasks that are needed to keep the vegetable garden up to snuff. One of the to-do’s was add compost tea to certain plants.  I was a little bewildered at first. I had no idea what on earth that was! So I started researching what it was and how to make it. Now that I have all the supplies, which were relatively easy to find, I can make gallons and gallons of this amazing plant food.


Fill a 5 Gallon Bucket with water. Preferably rain water or well water. If it is chlorinated tap water let it set out 24 hours before using it.  The chemicals in treated water will kill off the micro-organisms you are trying to create with this process.

-a nylon stocking filled with a hefty handful of compost (any kind you have).  Squeeze it when it is wet.

-An aquarium pump. At the pet store I picked up the smallest pump they had which aerates an area larger than this bucket for less than 10$ and the Silicone Airline Tubing to go with it for 4$

-Fancy All Natural Molasses (add 2-3 TBSP)

-Liquid Seaweed found at larger garden centres  (add 2-3 TSBP)

-Fish Emulsion Fertilizer also found at larger garden centres (add 2-3 TBSP)

First hour of compost tea

Once you add all the liquid ingredients together, connect the hose to the aquarium pump and put the hose into the bucket. Use a rock to keep the hose on the bottom of the bucket.

Let the concoction sit for 30 -40hours.  You can stir it from time to time with a stick.
ready compost tea hour 40

You will know when it is ready by the frothy head that starts to form on the surface like that on a glass of beer.  It kind of looks like beer but it smells much to0 rank to even think about drinking. LOL!

And thus you have created the ultimate fertilizer for your plants. You can spray it on the leaves to protect plants from insects and diseases such as powdery mildew. Adding one or two cups to each individual plant will result in healthier darker more vibrant green foliage and more flavourful vegetables with higher nutritional values.

***This fertilizer is active or alive… it will not keep. It needs to be used within the day or so because all of the organisms from the compost and fertilizer are feeding off of the sugar/molasses.  When the micro organisms run out of food and air they will die.  

You will actually be able to see many of the organisms swimming on the surface when complete.

I have made this a few times now.  It’s so simple! And cost effective in the long run.

What do you think of compost tea?

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  1. I’m intrigued. Have you noticed a difference in the health of your plants since using it?

    I have ‘worm tea’ which I used haphazardly but it’s nature made. I have red worms in a bucket with holes drilled in the bottom. A friend gave me a handful of ‘red wiggler’ worms and I add kitchen scraps and water as needed. The dark, soupy water they produce is loosely referred to as worm tea.

    Thanks for this intriguing post. I’m all for anything natural that discourages pests and mold. You ROCK!

    1. Yes, i think it it wards off bugs pretty amazingly even after only one or two applications. It can also be put in a spray bottle or diluted with water and sprayed on plants. Worm tea sounds pretty seriously awesome! and gross. I imagine that to be just as good as this compost tea. Probably have to wait a while to get 5 L’s worth though?? sounds highly economical also.

      1. You’re right about the wait time. Unless of course you have a huge worm farm like the school garden did. That thing was as big as a king sized bed. One of the teachers built it as a class project and installed it near the school garden. I used to volunteer there once a month during lunch when my boys were small. It was great fun.

      2. Whoa! That’s crazy!! And very cool. I have never seen such a thing and feel like I am missing out. LOL

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