The Ghettos New Watering Hole

Yes, this is the ghetto.  I often joke about that. Weird things have happened out here from time to time.  Like waking up in the middle of the night to a car on fire on your front lawn or someone breaking into your house while you are sleeping. It used to be rough out here.

But it’s always rough on those cute little birdies. The other day a hawk swooped down and grabbed a sparrow while another 3 flew for their lives leaving their feathers smeared all over the window.  :(  Can you blame me for wanting to spoil those little creatures stuck out in the cold?

birds enjoying water in the winter

One of my most wished for christmas presents this year was a bird bath heater.


I don’t know when I became such a softie for the birds but I think it was shortly after getting chickens.

I even found myself eyeing the buggies in the pet store the other day- Lord help me! hah!

birds need water in the winter

On a day when it is almost -20 celcius the birds will spend all day bathing and drinking.

This gadget is called a Bird Bath Deicer with an automatic shut off.

It is thermostatically controlled, and costs little to operate keeping the water above 4 degrees C/40 degrees F.

The heater shuts off automatically in 90 seconds when operated out of water.
It is suitable for use in plastic, pottery or concrete birdbaths only.  It can be found at many specialty bird stores or TSC for around $50.00

I used this deicer in a large rubber pail to keep the chickens watered when I was away for a week this winter and it worked wonderfully. I have been looking for something like this for years.  A heated dog water bowl is too small for extended times away and the usual trough or pond de-icer is too large for the small flock.  This is perfect for chickens or small birds.

bird bath sauna

Everyone enjoys watching the birds! Do you?

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  1. I also have a heated bird bath, it is one of the best things you can do for the birds in winter. While mine gets used frequently, yours looks like it is much more popular. Great pictures!

    1. I know you do- you’ve helped me feel less crazy for having one! The word is out now. I have to keep filling it up.

  2. You are so kind to those birds and I’m certain they appreciate that little warm oasis you’ve created for them. Is that your kitty keeping an eye on things?

    1. Yes, there’s always 1 or sometimes there are 4 cats keeping watch & sitting on the nearby stools. Good thing there is a window between them and the birds! Mmm Tasty!

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Omgosh, look at those little cuties having fun and bathing. I would love one for my future garden. I can’t believe they fly away wet and don’t turn into a popsicle. Do you run it pass -20C. Last week our weather barely crept above -23C, one day it was -29C.

    I love watching the birds and used to spend a small fortune in the country on seeds and peanuts. I had Casa Boomdee set up last winter but only the magpies and crows showed up…city life, Ugh!

    We used to get lots of Blue Jays, Chickadees and Wrens. I so loved watching the squirrels sneak off with their peanuts and apple cores too. I can’t wait.

    1. You will definitely have to get one to complete your bird oasis. It was -25 yesterday morning and it kept working just fine! It hasn’t gotten much colder than that except with factoring in windchill. It does cost a lot to keep everyone fed doesn’t it? Bird seed should be almost free. I don’t get why it costs so much.

      1. Boomdeeadda says:

        Wow, that sounds like a good unit. We do have a great bird shop not far from here. I will totally check it out. It’s like a kitty-cat drive-in movie (well except for the nasty crow thing). Yah for free bird-seed😀

    2. I love your country life stories, Boomdee.

      1. Boomdeeadda says:

        Oh ! Hello (((Alys)) fancy meeting you here, LOL Thanks for that, I’m can be nostalgic now that I don’t have to do the work there, ha.

  4. I have always been a softie for wildlife. It’s something that my wise old grandmother instilled in me. She used to catch the roaches and spiders in plastic cups and then release them outside. In her words, “All life has a right to live.” Of course, they are part of the food chain, so if I’m not going to eat them (and I’m not!), then I release them outside so that they can contribute to the food chain rather than killing them and flushing them down the toilet like so many people do.

    1. I always feel pretty guilty when I squash a spider. Your Grandmother was a super nice lady! That is a rule to live by if I have ever heard one…
      Thanks for stopping by!!

    2. Boomdeeadda says:

      Sorry Grandma, Boomdee here…..ah, I killed 4 roaches in our pricey B&B in Maui….sorry, they freaked me out.

  5. I’m feeling guilty here – I watch the birds but don’t feed the birds. I feed the rabbit, goats, and chickens and occasionally the grands’ dog, but I don’t feed the wild animals. They’re lucky they have you and all the other wonderful folks who do.🙂

    1. I guess you probably have enough to look after and those rabbits, goats and chickens are the lucky ones! Maybe the grandkids will want to take that on someday.

  6. What a good heart! I’ve never seen such contented birds in the middle of winter. What a great gift. Love these photos.

  7. I’ve never seen a heated bird bath before. What a great idea. We feed the birds too, with feeders outside of several different windows. When the cat runs from one window to the next to watch the birds, we call it changing the channel.

    Lately, we’ve even had a few bunnies scrounging for dropped seeds underneath the feeders. It drives the cat wild.

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