Craft it Forward -Sometime or whenever…

SOoo, I am probably going to get a cyber spanking for this, but last spring I agreed to participate in Craft it Forward.  AND I have since spent the last year feeling super guilty for not holding up my end of the bargain!  Without the pressures of yard work I have LOADS of time to be making things right now.

Right? In theory anyways… ha

Last April I  joined in when Boomdeeadda held her own Craft it Forward.  If you follow her blog you know that she is an exuberant talent at paper crafts.  I mean really really good.  I was bowled over at the package she sent me in the mail, very quickly I might add- I mean who needs a whole year to get ready for this? (me!)

boomdeeadda box

more 3-D paper LOVE

paper cupcake on my shelf

Inside that pretty little box was this paper cupcake, which sits on the shelf in my craft room above where I work.

delicious cupcake

Don’t the paper flowers look like fondant icing?  I want to eat it!! Mmmmm.

mini package

There were some pretty little magnets inside this adorable box.


If you would like to ‘Craft it Forward’ with me – the rules are very simple:

  1. The first five people to comment here will receive a handmade gift from me at some point during 2014….  Hopefully soon!
  2. You won’t know when, and you won’t know what, but I can assure you that it will happen…. EVENTUALLY!
  3. I will email you for your snail mail address so it will be private. It will be big, and it will be COD! Just kidding.
  4. As one of the famous five you have to agree to do the same for five other people

Wait a minute, you might be thinking that I am not a crafter or what ever… I can assure you that I do make the odd thing here and there.  When I add up all the things I have made in the last little while it actually looks like more than I thought! I have been in a fibre arts guild for 13 years which has kept me learning new things even when I haven’t had a lick of spare time.  When I was beginning to start a blog I couldn’t decide between having an art blog- to keep myself motivated or a gardening blog to do the same.  The gardening blog won because I thought that over all am more likely to spend most of my time gardening. It’s safe to say that gardening makes me slightly happier but I wish I could spend equal time doing both.

Here is a random assortment of things that I have made recently.


I really hope that there will be 5 of you out there somewhere interested in participating! If I don’t have any participants I do have a back up plan. I am going to send my top 5 overall commenters a gift.  My Numero Uno commentor is going to receive something anyways for just being so plain awesome and that is Boomdeeadda herself!! Yup! She is my top commenter with 147 comments that always manage to make me laugh.

This is what I wrote to Boomdee last year when I received her package and you can be this excited too if you join in!🙂

craft it forward button

OMG!@!!! I JUST GOT IT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it. It is so beautiful! Everyone in my family thinks it is amazing! The box, I am going to frame somehow. It’s awesome! I love the way you embellish and pack, and the xo’s on the box and pretty tissue paper. What a surprise on a snowy wet April day!! The magnets and the cupcake will have a special place in my craft room.
xoxoxo You’re the BOMB.

Keep Craft’n it Forward!🙂

10 Comments Add yours

  1. You look very much like a good crafter to me! I never have the time – or rather I am sidetracked by words and gardening and cookery🙂

    1. I never feel like I have the time either. I wish it was something I could let go of entirely and just focus on other things. But I think about it all the time so I cannot. Strange but true.

      1. Well, if you enjoy what you’re doing….

  2. Ooh! I’m in! Your stuff is totally cute!

    1. A BIG GIANT YAY to LeeAnn!!! Oh my goodness your blog and work is amazing! I love it. I love print making too!! Something I have not done for a long time as well. I think you are going to inspire me to get back into it. Love Love your stuff. Thank you so much for joining in!!

    2. Hi Leeann Can you send me your snail mail address to Garden Sunshine at execulink. com. I couldn’t find your email…

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    WOW, you’ve been holding out on us. I love all the creativity you have going in your life. Amazing colour in everything ! What have you now made with all the gorgeous tie dyed fabric?

    Thank you for sharing such nice photo’s of la cupcake project and the link back to little ol’ me😀 I should endeavour a repeat since I now have the die cut. I did actually use it to make the flying balloon basket for the Haunted Fairy Garden.

    I just need more time, LOL

    I actually still have one more craft it forward to do myself, for Pyjama Gardener. PJ hasn’t Blogged in a long while and I sure miss her. Did you follow?

    Good luck with your CIF, I’m tempted to join again but I just finished sending off Christmas goodies, HA.

    1. I love your cupcake! It sits where I can see it everyday! You should join in again because CLEARLY this is what brings you joy in your life! right!??🙂
      I haven’t made anything with the dyed fabric as of yet. I am just enjoying looking at it… oh that’s not true I used the dyed cheesecloth as a backing on the paper cloth that I am making… hard to explain.
      I too miss Pyjama Gardener. I have checked on her a few times but there are no recent posts. Maybe sending her a package will wake her up? Maybe she is just swamped with life. Happy creating! I have my moments where I want it to stay cold like this so I can keep creating.🙂

  4. Erin says:

    I’ll play too. I’m just afraid that I won’t have enough people to send stuff to…

    1. I already sent everything off!! – – – I had to get it done! We can have another crafty playdate instead.🙂

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