In Urn-est

Hey! Are you tired of my bad puns yet? haha!

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 3.44.39 PM

Finally, after many years of meaning to do this my friend Erin came over and helped me do up an urn for the front porch.  I have always been rather intimidated about this.  I don’t consider myself a natural when it comes to doing up flower arrangements for the house and as far as I was concerned making a planter for outside was bigger and harder to do.  But you know what? It wasn’t! It was most fun to do with a good friend, very easy and 100% free.  I think of this as the ice breaker for me.  A good starting point for future festive urns.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 3.43.49 PM

We scoured the back yard and woods for, spruce boughs, dogwood, tall grass stalks, rose of sharon twigs and boxwood.  We filled the container with loose wood chip and water.

christmas urn

Next year I will have to make sure I have more urns or planters ready to be made up.  It is well worth the effort.  Plus add in some glitter, pinecones or bows.  Since we are only 5 days from christmas these things are clearly not going to be happening this year.🙂

Thanks E for sharing your creative spirit with me!


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  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I’m really loving the red twigged dogwood and free is great. You whipped a nice cacophony of yard goodies together to great you and guests at the door. What are the giant seed pods you got there (standing tall)?

    1. Thanks Boom, I always look forward to your visits!! I think you are looking at what’s left on the rose of sharon after the flowers drop in the winter. Different eh!

  2. Really nice seasonal arrangement. I like the dogwood with the Rose of Sharon, I don’t think I’ve seen that combination before.

    1. I had no idea rose of sharon could be so interesting in the winter. It gets extra points in my book for that! Reason to plant more… maybe?

  3. Erin says:

    you’re welcome! I like your urn better than mine. Next year I’m scouring your yard (and maybe stealing a few chickens and or children while I’m at it). Free is awesome! At the store we would charge probably $150 (or more) for something like this so go ahead and treat yourself to a nice $150 Christmas gift with all that saving you did!

    1. WOW!! I guess it is worth investing in some urns then with those savings! I like your logic there.🙂 Couldn’t have done it without you. xo

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