Kitties & Chicks

29 May

Cats LOVE chicks! Maybe they want to eat them, but maybe -just maybe! they want to cuddle them too. It’s hard to say.  Our indoor cats are two years old and this is their first experience with having chicks in the house.  I keep the chicks in the bathroom under a heat lamp where the room stays warmer.  EVERYTIME I open the door to check on the chicks all of the cats come running in as fast as possible trying to trip and kill me so they cat get a good seat to watch.

It’s pretty funny.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.21.45 AM   cats and chicks cat checking out chicken

Awe… kitties and chicks!

Spring Vegetable Garden

27 May upstar tulips

It seems like a slow start to the gardening  year. The weather has been unpredictable- nothing new I guess but certainly not the head start that my seasonal disorder personality needed.  Seriously. Winter ruins me- and yet I love it and the idea of hibernating from everything and everyone- but then why does it make us/me so SAD?

Who cares now eh?! The sun is shining and I have fudgecicles in my freezer! haha

 May GardenI have a few things in the veggie garden this spring. I have been following the plan once again. It did want to me plant my tomatoes in early may but the greenhouse I like didn’t even have them out yet. Plus it tried to frost again this past week. I was willing to do the extra work to give them a head start but alas that never happened.Tulips in raised beds

costco bulk tulips

In the fall I planted late season blooming tulips in two of the beds just for the pleasure of cutting them.  You know how hard it is to cut tulips sometimes, but these were exactly for that reason. Still – hard to cut of course. But they lasted such a long time inside ….AND BONUS the cats didn’t even eat them!

The garlic from last year is trying to do something (YAY- cause I mulched the dickens out of it so they would over winter) and there are some onions left from last year that I missed.  In the last week of April I planted spinach, peas, turnip, kale, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, beets and shallots.

The 2015 Garden Layout!

2015 Square foot garden plan

Well, Nothing cures Seasonal Affect Disorder like watching the tulips open. Am I right?



Do It Yourself

25 May

Tulip photo with quote

Is the back ache worth the knowledge that you did it yourself? As I flex my wimpy little muscles, I think that YES!… Yes it is!

Do it yourself while you can and have a happy day no matter what you do!

Diane xo

Spring Chicks- Here We Go Again

22 May

A month ago or so, it was just starting to warm up so the chickens were finally outside living it up.  Not used to having to dote on them again I forgot to lock them up at night. When morning came things were a bit of a mess. There might have been chicken bodies strewn about the yard.  I hurried out while making breakfast to get rid of the massacre before the kids saw it.


2 chickens does not a flock make.

Sad I know.

And yet not unusual… How easy it is to forget about those predators especially if you can’t see them.  In this case I think it was a huge wild dog, which I did see back by the barn a few days later.

I went on Kijiji and picked up 4 two week old Andalusians who were not getting along with their other cage mates.  I have never heard of this kind of chicken. Have you?  They are a light grey or sometimes black colour with some nice outlining of their feathers.  Did you know that the colour of a chickens ears denotes the colour of eggs they will lay?  Andalusians have white ears and will lay white eggs. I just have to wait 14 more weeks for their eggs!

On my way home from picking up the Andalusians I stopped at the feed store and ordered a variety pack of six day old brown egg laying chicks to be delivered 2 weeks later.

This set up has worked well. It is much easier to look after a small number of chicks at a time. It keeps the cage cleaner and the stink- less.

When the Andalusians were four weeks old they got to go out to the coop and meet the two remaining Top Chicks.

I put them in a dog cage at night until they started showing interest in roosting.  The dog cage kept them safe from the larger bossier hens.  Now the Andalusians think they are the top dogs and roost at the top of the posts (one of them is siting backwards and is not headless).

roosting chicks

It has been a long while since having chicks and I really ought to go back to naming them.  We have been picking up and petting them as much as we can so that we can hopefully have friendly sociable birds who like and love us!   Fresh blood who don’t harbour any grudges for leaving the coop door open all night. oh dear.

variety pack chicksWe’ll do our best chickies.  Aren’t they cute?

Hosta LaVista Snails

13 May

Several years ago when my children were quite small we found a snail in my garden.  We oohed and awed over how cute it was.  How it was so slimy with a long neck and big tentacles.  We put it in a bug cage and fed it leaves.  It was only one snail, I didn’t think much of it.  A few years later there were more of them, but still not a big deal. I was not concerned.  The kids loved them right?

And then BAM! Snail explosion.  They were suddenly hiding everywhere.  If you don’t look for them, you can’t see them. Unless there is nothing left of your Hostas and you wonder, why?


This spring and last spring I have been going out after each rain to scour the gardens, checking the Hostas in particular to collect as many snails as I can.  The photo above shows how many I collected standing still in one spot!  I can honestly say this task alone has made a difference in the beauty and survival rate of my Hostas.

Hosta LaVista Snails!!

Where Good Ideas Come From

6 May

garden quote

I usually find more to do the longer I am out there working…One idea always leads to another or three. What I think is a good idea and what my husband thinks is a good idea are usually not the same thing though. ha!

Do your best ideas come while gardening?

Fabulous Threesomes

22 Apr

In search of the early bloomers. 


The lady bugs are all over these early bloomers. Daisy like flowers and interesting foliage makes Bloodroot one of my favourites. I am happy to see these pop up where ever they are happy to. Their leaves are so interesting!

Trout Lily

Sometimes the very first thing to see flower! a Trout Lily.  They have trout in their name because of their speckled leaves. I find these along the path in the woods where it is mowed and there is less competition from other plants.


A beautiful purple Crocus.  Crocus are happy to grow almost anywhere.

What a fabulous display these three would make in a mass grouping!

What’s your favourite earlier bloomer?

Smells like Dirt, Tastes like Dirt

15 Apr

In the spring

Don’t you just love the smell of dirt?  I think Margaret Atwood also wrote in one of her books (I’m thinking it was Robber Bride) that you should eat a handful of dirt every year.  I don’t know if she was really serious or not… but the thought has always stuck with me.  If I have dirt under my nails and it gets into my sandwich, Yum Yum, I don’t really worry about it.  It’s all a part of nature.  

What do you think about that? How much dirt do you eat in a year? 

Easter Tulips

5 Apr


Spring in a bottle smells FANTASTIC! Pretty in Pink Tulips on display in my entry. :) Happy Easter Everyone! 

UPDATE: Well, It was a happy easter until my cat jumped up and tried to get into this and the whole kit and caboodle  smashed onto the floor.  At least I have pictures of all the pretty things I used to have right?  haha Oh kitty, you are lucky you are so cute. Sooo LUCKY.

 My Favourite Easter Joke of All Time

Surprise it’s Spring and it’s an Annual Thing

20 Mar

Oh happy Spring! I think this is just such a fun spring annual.  It is Pink Lantana. Maybe you have planted it before… but if you haven’t seen it, keep your eyes open for at your favourite greenhouse. Pink Lantana The petals are tight little squares before they open, such a neat shape to see on a flower.  As the petals open they change colour as well. It is quite amazing, from pink to yellow and orange.  I could sit and watch this one bloom all summer.  It does well in a container or in a bed. Pink Lantana What is your favourite spring annual? Is it a new variety or something that you plant every single year?


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